Dental Impression Trays, Perforated Denture set of 6 pieces - £5.00

Prosthetics Pliers

Prosthetics Pliers
Prosthesis is the intraoral treatment or reconstructs the defects such as missing teeth or missing parts of teeth, specific instruments are used for prosthesis treatments. These instruments like Ainsworth rubber dams are used for this specific treatment, made from high grade material.
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Ainsworth Rubber Dam Punch clamp/ Pliers Quality Dental Instruments

If you buy in large quantity we will give you the discount and also shipping discount.AINSWORTH RUBB..


Dental Ortho Orthodontic Three Jaw Bending Pliers ADERER CE Stainless Steel

They are in all in very good conditionThree Jaw Bending Pliers  ADERER Dental  Orthod..